About us

Youth Welfare Younger Blood Donor Association was established in 1984 by a group of highly enlightened social activists committed to work for the empowerment of marginalized sections of community.

YWYBDA seeks to provide social development, primarily in under developed and poverty ridden localities, by investing in health, education, poverty alleviation, income generation skills, human resource and rural development. Beneficiaries are selected without regard to race, religion and political persuasion.

We are an organization, visionary of welfare and development and on a mission to serve humanity. We, through catering for the community’s basic needs in all spheres of life, with deep conviction are looking forward for a sustainable Developmental process to take roots from YWYBDA’s platform.

Our outright Development approaches can be stated with deep conviction that we are here to deliver optimism to the dispossessed group. In this regard the baseline information of the target communities has already been accumulated. We, due to our belief in community organization and involvement as a precondition to community participation, have even utilized opinion makers for the attainment of our objective in many communities. Due to this, YWYBDA found people who are very receptive to our supporting hand.

Today we can proudly state that we are a registered, non-profit, non-governmental Welfare & Development organization by any yardstick. We were breathed to life to function with a three-pronged strategy in the disadvantaged and unknowing community of our country. YWYBDA addresses and embraces all the Pakistanis, irrespective of Age, Gender, Caste, Creed or Religion.

Our working strategies are as follows:

  • Social Mobilization
  • Advocacy
  • Service Delivery (SD)